Meteor Kettenfabrik GmbH acquires new welding equipment DALEX Schweißpunktmaschine PL65

This investment enables us to produce chains with welded elements on customer request with high quality and production speed. We have produced chains with welded nuts on the outer plates before, but this was time-consuming and costly work requiring special skills. The new spot-welding process reduces the time it takes to weld the nuts by a factor of four. Due to the special design of the welding electrodes with ceramic elements, exact centring of the nuts to the plate holes is ensured and water cooling after welding is provided, which does not affect the integrity of the parts to be welded and does not affect the structural changes in the metal. The Sweißpunktmaschine PL65 enables welding processes to be automated in eight different programs, which considerably reduces the set-up times for different jobs. The key indicator is, of course, the quality of the welding work that these processes provide.

We invite our customers to evaluate our new possibilities. We offer the welding of 4-point welded nuts according to DIN 928 in sizes from M5 to M8 to the outer plates of roller chains in our catalogue. On request we can calculate and carry out other types of welding work on our machine.

Please contact our sales department for more information.

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