About us

METEOR Kettenfabrik GmbH as the successor of the enterprise established in 1892, keep on following traditions of German steel and metal processing well known under such trade names as KEBA and Pallas-Werke. 

For over 40 years, the company specializes in design and production of roller chains for diverse sectors such as industrial field, construction and agriculture. The products of METEOR Kettenfabrik GmbH under the trademark METEOR stand out due to their high quality and functional accuracy in operation covering a wide range of applications on national and global levels.

The decades of expertise and excellent professional personnel in all performance areas of the company form the basis for quality, efficiency and integrity. Tool making and machine shops equipped with state-of-the-art technologies boost the company to meet the varied market demands.

As customer-oriented enterprise METEOR Kettenfabrik Ltd.

  • combines traditions, innovation and future prospects
  • stands for high quality, fairness in price-performance ratio, compliance with production and delivery deadlines

How we see ourselves

While striving towards the excellence, we transmit efforts what connects us in one chain in this world.


We operate with human and technological resources of the company to create high-precision chains of excellent quality for driving systems and lifting equipment. Together with customers, consulting their needs and interests, we solve challenges of varying complexity. Entrepreneurship may not be successful unless it increase prosperity and opportunities of all the stakeholders involved.

Our team

Human resources build the base of the company. We are committed to providing our people the widest possibilities for the realization of their potential. We are always open to innovation, initiatives and new knowledge to develop and move forward. We respect our colleagues and we are ready for a constructive dialogue to achieve common result. We provide stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth.


We are a socially and environmentally responsible company. Ethics is the foundation of our business. In all our proceedings, we hold strong to our moral compass that provides integrity, respect for all stakeholders and complete transparency. We care about the environment and continuously improve the energy and environmental efficiency by using advanced technology. We are fully aware of our responsibility to society and actively participate in socially relevant and charitable projects. We support and take an active part in the development of the mechanical engineering industry.


In today’s global economy with its rapid rhythms, the capability to change and constant innovations are of utmost importance for corporate survival.

Since our foundation, we lead the company forward to the long-term success by prospecting needs and market demands.

Our development is based on following features:

  • costs optimization,
  • appliance of the most effective working methods,
  • continuous improvement of the production process,
  • introduction of new technologies and innovations.

Whatever we do, we are guided by the desire for perfection and continuous commitment to create the best products and services on the market.


Our goals are as follows: a sustainable and dynamic growth, increase of the company’s value and stable incomes for shareholders. We maintain high standards of corporate governance and business ethics. We are always open for our partners and shareholders.